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Teaware is an important aspect of the tea experience. We have chosen teaware that will serve a variety of your tea drinking experiences. Each is designed to enhance our quality whole leaf teas. And, to insure a successful brewing experience, we include instructions with all of our teaware!

The porcelain steeping cups are wonderful for a simple, yet tasty cup of tea...
Perfect for a quick cup of whole leaf tea.

The porcelain steeping sets are an excellent value. They are perfect for teas with strong flavors, like jasmine pearls or pu-erhs... Teas that could taint a Yixing pot. It is also a nice pot for those who are not yet ready to invest in a Yixing set.

The Yixing tea set is for the true connoisseur... It is the perfect embodiment of beauty and function. Every time tea is infused in the pot, the essential oils from the tea leaves impart their essence into the porous clay. These essential oils give a beautiful sheen to the outside of the pot, while enhancing the flavors inside of it. With each infusion, the exquisite patina increases, and your teapot becomes more valuable!

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 Yellow Dragon Set   Yellow Dragon Set   $28.95  $24.89  Buy Now 
 Blue Leaf Tea Set   Blue Leaf Tea Set   $26.95  Buy Now 
 Yixing Tea Set   Yixing Tea Set   $120.00  Buy Now 
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