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About the Caffeine

Tea Is Stimulating & Relaxing!
Tea has both relaxing and stimulating properties.
The caffeine in tea is a stimulant. It banishes fatigue, increases circulation and is uplifting.
The amount of caffeine in a cup of
Green tea is 6-30mg,
Oolong tea has10-45mg,
Black tea has 20-90mg,
Coffee has 60-160mg.
Because caffeine is water soluble, about 80% of the caffeine is removed in the first 30 seconds of steeping.
Therefore, by discarding the first steeping, you can effectively remove most of the tea’s caffeine,
while still enjoying the tea’s delightful flavors and benefits.

The polyphenols in tea are relaxing for the body.
They are released after 2-5 minutes of steeping.
These polyphenols are amazing antioxidants that researchers are finding so healthful for the body!