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Birthing Your Pot

Before you use your Yixing clay pot for the first time, we recommend that you “birth” it. Birthing your pot will purify it and remove any residual sediment of clay . It will also infuse the porous Yixing clay with the essence and oils of the tea leaves and initiate the seasoning process...Preparing it for a lifetime of service.

  1. Rinse your pot in clean (not tap) water
  2. Place your Yixing pot, with the lid beside it, into a stainless steel pot
  3. Put a few tea leaves (the type that you plan on brewing in this pot) into and around the pot and lid
  4. Pour boiling water into the pots until the lid and pot are fully immersed. This is like a baptism for your pot... A perfect time to bless it
  5. Steep the pot in the tea leaves overnight (about 12 hours)
  6. Take the pot out and allow it to air dry naturally at room temperature

If you have a Yixing clay tea set, we recommend that you birth the cups, as well. You can birth the pots and the cups together, if you have a pot that is big enough to hold all of them.