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About Our Teas

Our Teas
BlissSville is devoted to providing the finest quality, pure, whole leaf teas.
We purchase our teas from purveyors who are committed to creating sustainable tea harvests.
Earth friendly farming produces the most flavorful teas available.
Our primary supplier works with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
and directly with family farmers to produce the healthiest and most vibrant teas.

About the Teas
All teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant.
While there are a variety of cultivars, the primary difference amongst the teas is in the way the leaves are processed.
Black teas are oxidized, the oolongs are semi-oxidized, and the green teas are gently pan-fried to stop the natural oxidation process.
Green teas are light yellow to green. They have a delicate and refreshing fragrance and taste.
Some have earthy and grassy overtones, while others have flowery or spicy overtones.
Oolongs are the most fragrant teas with deep floral notes.
Their color varies from light green to red hues depending on the style.
Their fragrance and taste is delightful, intoxicating, and highly drinkable. Almost everyone loves oolong!
We also import White tea-from delicate tea buds, Red/Black teas, King’s tea with ginseng, and an earthy aged Pu-errh, a famous medicinal tea.
We are delighted to offer these teas to you!