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Fuyu Persimmons


A USPS Medium Flat Rate box (approximately 8 lbs) of Fuyu Persimmons certified naturally grown on our small family farm in Rainbow, California. There are usually 16 - 20 persimmons per box, depending on their size.

Fuyu Persimmons are a unique non-astringent Japanese style persimmons that can be eaten firm like an apple. They are delicious sliced and eaten au natural or dried. Fuyu's are yummy in salads, smoothies, or thinly sliced on pancakes or waffles. For a unique taste treat, try our Savory Persimmon Bliss (see the recipe below).

This colorful fruit is truly a special treat that will make any meal or snack extra cheerful & yummy!

Persimmons are not only tasty, they are also high in Vitamin C, Vitamin A (Betacarotene) & Fiber and have many essential amino acids! They known as the food of the Gods for good reason!

Savory Persimmon Bliss

6 firm Fuyu Persimmons peeled & sliced into 8th's
(Note: Hachiyas will not work with this recipe)
3 Strips of Bacon cut into small strips
(Your choice of pork, turkey or tofu "bacon")
1 Tbl. Butter
2 4" Sprigs of Rosemary
Dash Sea Salt & Pepper

Cook the bacon, butter and one of the rosemary sprigs until the bacon is cooked.
Add the Persimmon slices and cook until tender, yet still firm. Discard the cooked Rosemary sprig.
Add a few dashes of sea salt and a dash of pepper to taste.
Garnish your warm Savory persimmons with the fresh Rosemary Sprig and enjoy!

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