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A USPS Medium Flat Rate Box (approximately 8 lbs) of ruby red pomegranate beauties grown certified naturally on our Rainbow, California family farm.

The juicy seeds inside of a pomegranate add a beautiful ruby color and unique pop of flavor to salads, soups, savory or sweet dishes. They are delicious juiced with a bit of honey to sweeten it. The juice can be used to create sweet tart syrups, jam, jellies, mocktails and cocktails.

Pomegranates are prized for their antioxidants and healthful benefits. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and is prized throughout Asia for its healthful properties. They are high in vitamin B & C, as well as fiber.

The easiest and neatest way to reach the ruby seeds is to cut and peel it in a bowl of water. The seeds sink to the bottom while the skin floats to the top. It also keeps you from getting their red juice all over the kitchen & your clothes!

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