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Blue Leaf Tea Set & Teas


A sampler of some of our favorite teas along with the Blue Leaf Tea Set, steeping suggestions and information about the teas!

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Wild Amber Oolong
One Ounce

Wild Amber Oolong is a medium oxidized & roasted artisanal oolong. It is a personal favorite of the 6th generation tea maker who created it from wild tea plants in Taiwan. Its complex flavor profile has hints of apricot, caramel and grapefruit notes. Wild Amber Oolong’s golden amber tea can be enjoyed for up to six steepings!

The name oolong means black dragon. Oolongs are lightly to moderately oxidized teas. They are usually hand rolled into little pearls of tea... Unfurling into perfectly whole leaves after they are steeped. They often have an intoxicating bouquet of aromas and flavors that are highlighted with each steeping. To create a complex oolong requires perfect growing conditions and years of training. Oolongs are used to increase circulation, aid digestion, and assist in weight loss.

Organic Masal Chai Black
Three Ounces
This Indian favorite is made with Organic Assam tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom & pink peppercorns. The word Chai literally means tea in India; but it also commonly refers to tea with spices and milk. Chai is used in India to aid digestion and to warm the spirit. Traditionally Indian Chai is served with milk and sugar. An exotic journey to another land in every spiced sip!

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