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Yoga Lotus Aromatherapy Perfume


Yoga Lotus Aromatherapeutic Oil enhances yoga, alignment & passion.
Use as a natural perfume, in a warm bath or in a massage oil
to unify your body, mind & spirit.

This aromatherapy spritzer contains
Lavender to balance the body, mind & spirit
Red Mandarin to gently increase the flow of prana and joy
Chamomile to relax you into the present moment
Coriander to encourage flexibility and gentle movement
Ylang Ylang to soften and lengthen your breath
Jasmine to connect you deeply with your sensuality
Sandalwood to align and unify your chakras
White Lotus to awaken your Divine Potential
In 5ml of jojoba

Open like a lotus...

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 October, 2004.
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