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Compassion Aromatherapy Perfume


This blend uses the nurturing plant essential oils/absolutes of:

Bulgarian Rose to nurture and empower your heart

Lemon to cleanse, refresh and renew your heart

Pink Grapefruit to return you to a gentle innocence

Lemongrass to strengthen trust in your heart

Roman Chamomile to soften your heart into the present moment

Geranium to create compassionate balance

Palmarosa to weave compassion throughout your life

Rosewood to deepen your connection with your heart

In 5 ml. of jojoba

Fabulous as a natural perfume or in a bath or massage oil...
This blend is cleansing and nourishing on all levels!

Soften your heart...

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 11 February, 2005.
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